A2Billing 1.3.0 stable released

Leo en SineApps, que ha salido esta nueva versión de A2Billing, una aplicación de billing para Asterisk ampliamente utilizada. En esta nueva versión, algunos de sus módulos han sido completamente reescritos. La podéis encontrar donde siempre: http://trac.asterisk2billing.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi

y el anuncio:

Dear A2Billing-Users,

I am pleased to announce the new version of Asterisk2Billing, V1.3.0 STABLE (Yellowjacket)
PROJECT URL : http://trac.asterisk2billing.org

A2Billing has completely re-written some its modules such as :

Invoicing, template management with Smarty, the call-back, added new methods of online payment integration with Moneybookers and Authorize.net in addition to Paypal. A2Billing have also improved the rating engine, giving the operator the ability to create Free Minutes packages to certain destinations. Additional reporting functions and alarms have also been added in the interests of revenue protection including automatic emails for High or Low ASR (Answer Seize Ratio), ALOC (Average Length of Call) and CIC (Consecutive Incomplete Calls) Alarms and many more good stuff…

As you can see, we decided to take a better direction for this project and make it easier for the community to contribute and participate to our development. Trac is providing Wiki, Ticket system, Timeline, etc…

A public SVN is available :

SVN server : http://svn.a2billing.net/svn/asterisk2billing/

We hope that this will make A2Billing more transparent and easier to contribute.

As usual, the forum & the online demo are still available :

Register and try Call-Labs, our A-Z provider!
If you are looking for A-Z termination at good rates, this could be your solution!

Please don’t forget to make a donation if you find our software useful and want to support the development of Asterisk2Billing :
Donate to A2Billing

Kind regards,


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