Conferencia «televisada» sobre Asterisk

Este viernes tendrá lugar una conferencia sobre Asterisk en la que se hablará sobre LumenVox entre otras cosas. Estará presente Mark Spencer (creador de Asterisk) y es posible que otros desarrolladores.

La conferencia será retransmitida en, un site en el que están continuamente reproduciendo videos sobre Asterisk (24/7 🙂 ).

Os dejo la info:

In conjunction with Mark Spencer’s visit to our Paris office, we’ll be
kicking off Asterisk TV ( live during the weekls
Asterisk Users Conference. I believe someone from Lumenvox will be
back with us on the conference, now that I’ve had a chance to play
with their speech recognition product.

I think we’re starting to get some great info from the user community
and I would like to see more service providers show themselves. I
think it’s great to hear what people like JerJer of Nufone to say.
We’ve had some bleeding edge stuff on past conferences as well, with
Jay from Adhearsion and I’m waiting for some video content from him as

Digium has been great about following the evolution of these community
projects and providing time for people like Russell to join the
conference and take users’ questions.

If you have any video to contribute to this 24/7 Internet TV channel,
please contact me off list. And whatever you do, if humanly possible,
join the conference with Mark this Friday
at 12:30PM EDT (9:30AM PDT, 16:30 GMT, ${UNGODLYHOUR}+${NEXTDAY} in Tokyo).

Video stream: (live Friday)


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